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Teaching & Learning Model

We have developed an evidence-informed Teaching & Learning Model which clearly articulates our aims and aspirations and creates the foundations for highly effective teaching and learning.

Our Teaching and Learning Model consists of four components:

  • Vision for Learning: Articulates our aspirations for high quality learning cultures in our schools banc creates the foundation for success.
  • Essential Practice Principles: Unpacks the Vision for Learning into nine evidence-informed professional practices which make a difference in improving pupil achievement and motivation.
  • Pedagogical Model: provides an overview of the learning cycle and holistic view of classroom practice. It describes what highly effective teaching and learning looks like and helps teachers apply the practice principles.
  • High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS): Nine evidence-informed instructional practices proven to have a highly positive impact on learning outcomes.

The Teaching and Learning Model is a flexible model that can be adapted and modified for each school’s unique character and ethos. Providing schools with a clear model ensures that there is a shared understanding of what excellence looks like and a common language to support coherent and collaborative improvement.

Schools are required/asked to engage with the Trust model in developing or refining their own school model. They can adopt the Trust model or can use it as a benchmark for efficacy and consistency with their own model.

Having a defined model enables school leaders and teachers to engage in systematic, focussed efforts to develop fluency and expertise in skills and practices, as well as developing teachers’ understanding of the principles and theories underpinning them. Having a clear model supports teachers and schools to identify and prioritise specific aspects of practice that will make the difference and which can be developed and improved through collaborative professional learning.

We induct our school leaders into the use of the model and the detail which sits within it. If you are interested in learning more about our Teaching & Learning Model, please contact us.